How do you turn your concept into a plan?

How do you manage such a significant and costly undertaking?

How do you guide your vision from concept to construction?

What will it cost?

How long will it take to build?

How will it impact my operations?

How do you form a project team?

How do you select consultants and manage the design process?

How do you evaluate contractors, handle the bid process, and manage contract documents?

How do you manage the actual construction, and verify the status and quality of the work?

How do you manage the project budget?

Project Management

A vision begins with a thought, a dream—a plan for the future of your organization

In the project arena, your vision is often the easiest part of future organizational plans.  It is generally followed by many complicated steps, thousands of hours, and millions of dollars before it reaches fruition.

ProSys was founded to assist organizations through this time consuming process.  We personally work as partners with clients during all stages of the project. Together we discuss goals, solve problems, evaluate progress, and adjust schedules.  We also keep the client informed of—and involved in—project details throughout each step.

Your vision is a concept that ProSys takes seriously. Whether meeting with a project team or discussing design changes with the users, each ProSys staff member is committed to the delivery of a quality project on time and within budget. 

You will find that our expertise pays off in more ways than you thought possible. Improved management, greater efficiency, less wasted time and money are but a few of the rewards that can be attained. When our job is done, the project will have been delivered successfully.   

Our unique approach to project management will help your vision become reality.

Develop a Plan

Before your concept can move forward, you need a plan. A vision is a great start, but the reality of moving forward brings a host of new challenges. ProSys will help you translate your vision into a “Project Plan.”  This “Project Plan” is critical to the ultimate success of your endeavor. You need to be sure that the concept is feasible, that you have the funds, and that you are ready to move forward before you begin contracting with architects, engineers, contractors and suppliers. A project involves the management of many thousands of tasks and activities. With the help of ProSys and the “Project Plan,” you will have a road map to success.

Manage a Project

After developing and approving a “Project Plan,” the plan becomes a project with thre key elements: 1) Budget, 2) Schedule and 3) Scope. The successful delivery of a project depends on proper management of these elements.  The ProSys Project Team will be with you every step of the way to make sure you don’t take any “wrong turns” on the road to project completion.  Our experienced team of professionals includes project managers, design managers, architects, engineers, construction managers, project accountants and all necessary support staff.  This field-tested team is your total solution to project management.

To proactively manage the elements of a project, ProSys uses our proprietary decision support tool, the 3X3 Project Management System™. The 3X3 analyzes changes instantly to determine what effect, if any, they might have on the project budget or schedule.  By closely monitoring changes and work authorizations, waste and “budget creep” is kept to an absolute minimum.  Additionally, should there be cost “underruns,” our proactive approach allows us to advise you early enough so that these funds may be funneled back into the project, or simply retained as savings.

After construction is complete and the facility is ready to be occupied, the project is not complete because the facility needs to be activated.  ProSys’ detailed activation plans are developed to ensure that nothing is missed as your building is readied for occupancy.  Our activation plans will make sure all of your building’s systems are up and running so your employees can be instantly productive in their new surroundings. 

ProSys makes sure your facilities’ team is totally familiar with all the new systems, from environmental controls to fire and security procedures.  This enables your internal staff to respond promptly when questions and concerns arise during activation and the early stages of occupancy.

We can also assist in your moving arrangements.  For example, we can develop a detained “phase-in plan”when you have to move into a building before all areas are finished.  This is often the case when employing “fast-track” construction methods, or during renovations of operational areas.  In these instances, special care must be taken to ensure occupant safety, as well as to isolate people from disruptive construction activities.

ProSys can handle all aspects of Project Management.  No matter which management method proves best for your project, ProSys has the staff, tools and expertise to make it work.  ProSys will make sure your project is of the highest quality, delivered on time and within budget.  You can count on us­—we’ll make sure your vision becomes reality.