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About Us

ProSys was founded in 1985 with a vision to provide high-quality Project and Facilities Management services and software to a wide range of institutions.  The founder, having built his career monitoring and directing multi-million dollar construction projects throughout North America, he knew firsthand that most organizations were not equipped to deal on their own with the complex logistics and tasks involved in Project and Facilities Management.

Now ProSys can help you through the complex process of turning your visions into reality.  These visions begin with a thought, a dream, a plan for the future of your organization.  The vision of how and where you will be housed is usually the easiest part of the project.  The hard part is what follows–the many complicated steps, thousands of man hours and millions of dollars for your dream to reach fruition.  Then, when your building is done and the project is complete, there is a new phase to consider–the challenging task of activating and managing your facility.

Whether meeting with a project team, managing a multi-million dollar construction project, setting up a computerized facilities management system, or providing high-quality facilities management services, our staff is committed to working with you in a manner that exceeds your expectations.  Our goal is to deliver a quality product on time, within budget, while keeping within your organization’s vision. We want to ensure that your construction project meets all expectations and that your new facilities management system not only runs smoothly and effectively, but will grow with your organization for years to come.

You will find our expertise pays off in more ways than you imagined – through improved systems, greater efficiency, and less wasted time and money.